The Art Concierge - Susan Roux


Is finding the right art to fill your home or business space daunting? Are you looking for perspective from an art connoisseur to help you create a beautiful space which captures the look and feel you desire?

Roux and Cyr International Fine Art Gallery offers a boutique art concierge service exclusively for our customers. Our gallery was created by Susan Roux, who is passionate about art, color and the emotional transformation art can bring to your home or business space. We are dedicated to listening, understanding and responding to your individualized art decorative needs and wishes.

Art is our business and Susan Roux is an artist with a keen eye who can help you make those distinctive art selection decisions. We work with you. Our service includes delivery, showing and placement of gallery paintings in your home or business, which enable you to make the best decisions on art that complements your lighting and surroundings. Artists can also be commissioned by Susan to create that perfect piece necessary to complete your room.

To learn more about this exclusive service, give Susan Roux a call. 207-576-7787