Oil Painting Courses

Representational oil painting lessons for various levels

Instructor: Susan Roux


Beginner Course

        Learn to oil paint: This course is designed for students without a painting background. No drawing skills necessary, but we won’t turn you away if you have them. You will be taken through a series of exercises and taught to capture form through the use of values (how light or dark a color is). Students will have one completed painting by the end of the course. This course is taught in 3-hour sessions and runs for 6 weeks. Cost per course, includes all supplies, $190.

Intermediate Course

        Representational oil painting instruction for students with some painting knowledge. Students will be instructed through the steps of a painting, following along with the instructors demonstration. These courses are designed as a continuation to the Beginner Course. Students are required to have their own supplies. Courses are 3-hours and run in 4-week sessions. Cost per course $190.

Advanced Course

      This course is for the student who can paint independently and wishes to improve their skills. Courses are 3-hours and run in 4-week sessions. Cost per course $190. (Also see membership program)

Private Courses

       This course is for anyone wishing private instructions at any level. Cost is $75. per hour.

Membership Program

        This payment program is an option for the advanced student who can paint independently but wishes to have some instruction to aid in improving their skills. Members are welcomed anytime a non-private course is being offered.


        3 month membership is $550.

        6 month membership is $1050.

      12 month membership is $1900.